Free transportation will be provided for residents in Squirrel Hill.

Below is a sample schedule from 2019. Once we have confirmed our location we will update the bus route and times.

Squirrel Hill South:  
Beechwood at Forward   
Community Day School Parking Lot, 15217 

8:30AM Pick Up 

3:50PM Drop Off 

Squirrel Hill, Murdoch Farms:   
Corner of Northumberland St & Wightman St. 

8:40AM Pick Up 

3:40PM Drop Off 

Squirrel Hill North:
Corner of Beechwood Blvd. and Forbes Ave.

8:45AM Pick Up 

3:35PM Drop Off 

Please note we make every effort to be on time and keep the bus on schedule. Please allow 5 -10 min flexibility as we work out the exact schedule with traffic and our new location. Daily texts will be sent as the bus pulls away from camp.

Thanks for your understanding! 

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please call, text or email Rabbi Altein, 412-512-8900 or email [email protected].