We want to invite your child/ren to join us for the Sefirat HaOmer countdown, and a daily good deed, while earning special prizes
Click here to print this chart as a visual aid, and color in each day when you count the Omer.

There will be a daily raffle drawing, at 6pm each afternoon, for all children who submit the form confirming that they counted the Omer and did a mitzvah that day.
All children who submit a form every day of the Omer will get to choose one of several special prizes.
Please note: The counting of the Omer begins this Thursday evening/Friday morning. (Counting for each day can be done at nightfall, if possible, or during the daytime.) Because we don't use electronics on the holiday or Shabbat, we will post the first google forms (for the first, second, and third day) after nightfall on Saturday night; the following forms will be available every evening after nightfall.

Kids' Countdown to Shavuot (1).jpg