Chabad of Squirrel Hill Capital Campaign

Building a home for Chabad

In 2018, following years of utilizing space at the Yeshiva Girls School, a remarkable chapter began for Chabad of Squirrel Hill. Yeshiva Schools purchased the former New Light Building we embarked on a new journey, leasing the building from Yeshiva we relocated to 1700 Beechwood Boulevard, a more suitable location for all the Chabad activities. Fast forward three years, and in 2021 that once-leased property became Chabad's permanent, cherished home after being purchased from Yeshiva. The time has come to usher in an era of transformation, as we embark on renovations to craft an elevated space tailored to the diverse needs of our cherished community.

We have beautiful plans created by Indovina Associates Architects and designed by Perla Lichi of Miami, FL. After researching and receiving multiple bids, the renovations committee chose G-6 Contractors to renovate the Chabad House. In November 2023 we began the renovations! The total costs for purchasing, renovating and furnishing the Chabad House is $2,700,000. Please partner with us by clicking here and comitting to a dedication.